Monday, July 9, 2018

We're never to old to learn

I’ve been on my own for the last three days. 

When she comes home she’ll ask:  “So what did you do?”  Of course, I’ll answer with the list of chores that I accomplished (most of which were left in instructions for me to do before she left).   What I won’t tell her is; I played guitar for many hours and I pretended that I had an audience. 

You see, no one in my recent memory has asked me to play a tune for them.  I know that it’s not like I’m a tragically under appreciated talent.  I have a little talent; I can play 8 or 10 nice songs through without major screw-ups, maybe another 30 or so more not too badly.  I even have an “original composition” (something in EAB that has probably been played by thousands of other people before me) that seems to resonate with open strings as I move up the neck of the instrument.

We have a couple of friends that play and sing far better than I do, and I play along sometimes without anyone complaining.  One of them did recently ask me to play a tune as if it was the single one I would like to play (like I might die before we met again…)  I have been having some serious health problems lately.  I was unprepared to hear that surprising request at the time and didn’t do well, my only chance squandered?

So I have come to realize that I enjoy the guitar and singing along, but no one else has any interest in ever hearing me.  That’s OK.  It just took awhile.

So, when I’m all alone, I play out in my shop where no one can hear me.  Sometimes I remember the time I was 16 years old at the beach on Hatteras and there was a guitar and a beach fire and noone could play it.  I diddled with it, and in memory, didn’t do too badly. 

But now, I pretend that I can tune it correctly, and play that EAB thing up the neck and it blows them all away.  Oh well.

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