Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Only a Stalinist

Only a Stalinist would say that a person who doesn’t want their money to go to a TV talking head who uses ad hominem attacks on children who speak their minds have no rights.

Only a Stalinist would twist the meaning of “free speech” to include the idea that they get to say anything, and no one has the right to react to it.

Only a Stalinist political party would pass legislation that bars a doctor from talking to parents about unsecured guns in the home of a disturbed child.  Only a Stalinist would pass legislation that bars any one from studying gun violence in a country that has more gun deaths per capita than countries that are at war.

Only a Stalinist would tout the free market and then complain when it dumps their product.

Laura Ingraham is only a Stalinist who calls other people “Stalinist”.

Conservatives believe in the free market.  I do too.  I am free to boycott the products of anyone I choose.  I choose to never spend a penny on anything sold by any company that supports Laura Ingraham.

Call me a Stalinist.