Sunday, September 2, 2018

I pooped my pants today...

I pooped my pants today; it didn’t make me happy, but I did have to laugh.  Being happy and laughing are not necessarily the same thing, they don’t have to be.

I’ve noticed that many of us have complained about what are obviously glaring faults with Trump’s worldview, his gestalt of the human condition, and what he says and does.  Many people have tried to constructively criticize his words and behavior.  Maybe we’ve been “complaining, noting, commenting” on the wrong faults of his psyche.    Maybe we have found ourselves stuck on the symptoms rather than the causes.  

I’ve decided to take a radical new tact:  I believe that all, ALL of Trump's problems are a result of a 100% total lack of a sense of humor.   A sense of humor requires a commonality of emotions:  love, joy, sorrow, anger, and shame.  Trump only has the one emotion; “I am a very stable genius.”  Has anyone ever heard him say a single self-deprecatory thing?  Has he ever made fun of himself?  If you can only laugh at others and have never laughed at yourself, it’s not humor; it’s bullying.  It’s all put-down.  It is playground humor at the expense of others.  You know, just like emotionally six-year-old behavior by the not nice kid, the one who has never had to take personal responsibility for anything.

So Trump’s problem is a lack of a sense of humor.  He doesn’t laugh at others the right way and he doesn’t laugh at himself ever, and he doesn’t drink.  Are these things related?  Well, most of us who do drink have at least one incident of getting drunk and doing something really stupid (something that if we have a sense of humor and are honest with ourselves, makes us connect with all the other humans on earth).  DUH; we all fuck up some times.  Some of us recall how smart we thought we were being all the while that we were being super stupid.  

Has anybody ever heard Trump admit to a mistake?  No.  So we have a man that thinks that he is perfect.  He thinks he’s smarter than every person on earth, that he’s never made an error.  I think it’s because he has no self awareness, no connection with all of the rest of the humans on earth, all of whom recognize their faults that are so often exposed by the acceptance of fallibility that is the essence of humor. 

That’s funny!  I remember I did that once!  I thought it was smart at the time.  Have we all done THAT at some time?   Not Trump; his ego requires the “greatest most stable genius" (president, human, American), his self image is necessary to play his bullying game.

Trump can’t laugh at himself because he only laughs at others because he thinks he’s the smartest human that ever lived and everybody, you and me, his wife, his advisors, what he reads in books and sees on TV, everything in the newspapers, are all written by people inferior to him.  

Everybody is inferior to him; that is the world where he lives.

So if you can’t admit that you ever did anything wrong, that you never pooped your pants, that you found yourself laughing at yourself; you really aren’t a human being. 

You are the:  “Only one who can fix it.”