Saturday, December 5, 2015

GOP Dream Ticket (update)

Four years ago I wrote about the apparent insanity of the GOP candidates.  I thought at the time that it was as bad as it could get.  Wrong.  Things are really getting even stranger. 

Mike Huckabee has said that President Obama was raised in Kenya, sympathized with Mau Mau’s anti colonialism all because he wasn't a boy scout and there were no Rotary Clubs there, only madrasahs.... Wow, Mike that's amazing! The facts are: President Obama was raised in Hawaii, not Kenya. He was raised by his (WHITE) Kansas Republican grandparents. He was a boy scout. There are plenty of Rotary Clubs in Hawaii, and as for anti colonialism sentiments; The Tea Party folks, one assumes, also sympathize with anti colonialism; last I heard, that's what The Original Tea Party was all about. But never mind the facts; make up stuff if it serves your purpose. 

What we, the rationally thinking people, must remember is that; 51% of Republicans don't believe that Obama is an American citizen. And, some 50 % of the GOP voting base doesn’t believe in evolution, or planet earth more than 6,000 years old, or likely that the earth is a sphere that circles the sun in a galaxy in an immense universe.  Adam and Eve rode dinosaurs (somehow Noah missed them), but climate change is a hoax.

We must remember that the "polling" of likely Republican voters is a fraction of the American electorate, and that people that make up their minds early... well, their minds are made up; they're not necessarily paying attention to the complexity of planet earth.  Plus, if you look to the Bible for your science, you can't be rational.  The Bible was written by a committee trying to please King James in 1611.  They didn't even use original texts.

I can't imagine where the GOP's votes are coming from. Apparently, their dream ticket is an amalgam of Huchabee's truthfulness, Trump’s understanding of the Bill of Rights, Carson’s view of reality, Ann Coulter's compassion, Ted Cruz’s consistency (immigration), or Jeb Bush’s belief that his brother was a good president. At some point these kinds of beliefs (opinions) have to matter, at least unless you're willing to disregard all religious belief. 

That's something that I fervently wish we could do. After all, any and all religions are equally ridiculous (See: But oh boy, can they cause troubles for us all.   I give up.