Friday, April 29, 2011

THAT explains it!

You've heard of the theory of an infinite number of universes, many almost exactly like this one? You know, with you and me and everything, except in some of these universes strange things happen like your toast levitates, or a T-Rex appears in the NY subway.

This explains Donald Trump.

We're in one of those universes.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Corporate Big Brother's propaganda against your Elected Government

Sometimes you just have to react. I just saw a right wing propaganistic commercial on THE fucking WEATHER CHANNEL (TfWC)! The problem is that TfWC is a wholly owned subsidiary of THE DISH NETWORK (TDN). These "free market" guys own and control the content of their programing (and stifle any competition from rivals - see the irony?); so presumably, they control the content of their ads too. So why the commercial against people in the USA that support fair tax rates for all (including the very very rich who don't pay taxes at all), fair spending by the government for essential services, and fair compensation for the things we need (as opposed to the multimillion$ for the things, like football players and teen idols, that we apparently just want very badly)? Why is all this wasteful spending defined as things we need for our homes and children, jobs and country, and not the trillions of dollars spent protecting Dick Chenney's oil interests in the middle east? For what we've spent in the last 7 years in Iraq and Afghanistan (after those first ten days "cleaning up" that little government problem they had), we could be energy independant of Middle Eastern Oil.

Wait! We don't have enough money for roads, bridges, teachers, firemen, police and libraries? Wait! We're spending hundreds of billions of dollar$ in Iraq, Afghani$tan, and now Libya? Oh SHIT! these things couldn't possibly be related could they? But your DISH NETWORK and their WEATHER CHANNEL need to spend their time (time is money) on a futuristic 2034 (1984?) Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) propaganda piece positing a Chinese lecture about how the USA spent it's borrowed money on public employees?

Who the fuck paid for this shit?

AHHHHH! It was you and me who paid for it because TWC is a wholly owned subsidiary of TDN! They only run commercials for the money; they don't need to run commercials, they bill YOU for their services, but HEY! If someone (CAGW) will pay them even more money to do so, why not? Their CEO gets to keep that money (and likely not pay any tax on it).

Does any of this make sense? The only part that does to me is the fact that TWC sucks. I've been waiting for years for the Free Market to offer me a weather channel that doesn't show me "old weather" during a tornado alert, or have the talking heads stand in front of the map for the few seconds when it's showing some substantive information, or tell me how to chalk my house or plant an herb garden six times a day.... But I digress.

This ad/commercial was egregious. It made fun of anyone who isn't a social darwinistic millionaire, and what's that all about? What the fuck are they selling? Where can I sign up to buy or boycott? The Dish Network sends me what they want. They charge me what they want. Why do they have to mess with my head about right wing slanted social issues?
I really can't wrap my head around what it was about, except that it was about money that somebody paid them.

It looks like if I were a trillionare and I chose to, I could try to reinstate anything I want, maybe child labor, or slavery, or child sex slavery; I'd just have to pay the buck$ to make it happen. Lord knows, Congress is for sale and the sUPREME cOURT is looking out for the guy$ with money (corporations are "people"; they just have lots more money that you people). And apparently, time on "your" fucking Weather Channel is for sale as well.

That's the real message of the Free Market and the Free Enterprise System: the guys with the most money are free to buy the rules that they like... and they rule the rest of us. WHATAWORLD.