Saturday, November 11, 2017

No Tax Legislation

No Tax Legislation with DonDon Trump's signature on it making that legislation legal...

without the prior full disclosure of DonDon Trump's Tax Returns.

Damn!  That seems so simple.  Too simple for the arational America that we find ourselves.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Bob Goodlatte, VA Republican "Representative", US House, has announced he'll not run

Bob Goodlatte, Republican "Representative" in the House of Representatives, has announced his plans to not run for re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-election in 2018.  He had promised to serve three (3) two (2) years terms starting in 1992.  His "retirement" is a little delayed.  Now, He just wants to spend more time with his family

I predicted that Bob Goodlatte would not run in 2018...  not in my blog (maybe) but in numerous Facebook and Twitter posts.  I was trying to shame him with references to Dondon J. Trump's (obvious?) aberrant behavior.   

I was unable to believe that he, Bob Goodlatte, a 12 term "lawyer in Washington, D.C.", was ignorant and stupid enough to believe the BullShit that he felt "forced" to say and do, for the last year.  There may be a limit to almost anything. 

The people on Capital Hill know way better than you and I where the bullshit is.... they just get paid to pretend that they don't approve and are doing something about it.  

Whistling past the graveyard is human nature... $$$igns have captured human nature.

Aloha Bob.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Why I quit. AGAIN

For the few of you who noticed, and the even fewer of you who cared that I have quit Facebook; I post on FB one more time.  (You may mock me for my Trumpish lack of even the hint of irony in that statement, I deserve it, again.). What we deserve and what we get doesn’t seem to correlate with our actions much less our motives. Truth and facts have been destroyed.  I believe that there are no longer consequences to behavior that correlate in any way with lawfulness, truthfulness, decency, and/or utility to our civilization.  I believe that Fox News started it, but FB made it all far worse.  FB supplied the forum for fake news.  In their naive confidence in the 1stamendment and the decency of human nature, they believed that everything would be alright.  At this point, I would usually type: “HAHAHAHAH” (in my opinion, superior to “LOL”).  Apparently, human nature isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  We will see if the 1st amendment will survive.

 Facebook was wrong and now that they know it and admit it, everything that they do is too little too late, we have Trump for a president, likely the worst disaster to befall America since Pearl Harbor.  I blame them for the Nazis now running our government.

 “I expect, we pray, I believe, it is to be hoped, many people feel, people of good will wish.  We expect, are waiting…. The office has a way of lifting…. it sometimes takes awhile, it’s not uncommon for these difficulties to occur, give him a chance.”
When was the last time you heard anyone refer to DonDon (other than Steve Bannon or KellyanneConway) without using these words? (I will always refer to Trump as DonDon, it best describes his often demonstrated maturity level).

Optimism is wonderful right up until you discover that it is masking an important perception of reality that presages disaster. Stop pretending; DonDon is what he is and he is what you will get.  He is mentally ill and is unlikely to recover sanity in the position that the ignorant people of the USA have placed him.

I have two rules for the future:

1)      Stop pretending.  Stop pretending that you understand, much less agree with, or can (will) support or oppose 99% of what you say or hear daily (outside of discourse while buying food and gas).  Anything deeper than that requires that we and those to whom we communicate use words with at least similar definitions; that isn’t happening. Stop pretending that DonDon is sane.

2)      Do not reward those who are incompetent, immoral, or just plain wrong by supporting them or their institutions.  Shop elsewhere.   I will not use FB.

3)      I only had to remove the last sarcastic comment to update this.  Bye, Bye now.

I have lost confidence.

I have lost confidence in people who have stopped listening to Trump, both for him and against him.  They are abrogating responsibility for the maintenance of our democracy.

I have lost confidence in those who are listening to Trump, who just believe what he says.  I have no words for willful self delusion.  I recognize Trump’s self delusion; I don’t understand its appeal to others.

I have lost confidence in those who are listening to Trump and are still trying to fit his statements and actions into a rational narrative (willful self delusion, again).  I have said that it is a waste of time to try and understand why a mad man might kill and eat his victims; Trump’s mental state is on this level.

I have lost confidence in those who are listening to Trump who are still pretending that he will change into something acceptable as a president of the USA.  This is hopelessly optimistic and also willfully self delusional.

I have lost confidence in my fellow Americans, even though millions of them did not vote for this mad man… too many did.  Unfortunately, many of them will be the ones paying the price of  “getting what they asked for.”

I have lost confidence in the legislative branch of our government that is supposed to check the excesses of the executive branch.  Too many have also succumbed to willful self delusion, or in some cases, greedy lust for the power that might come to them by their sycophancy.

I have lost confidence in rational discussion of issues.  The false equivalency of “two sides” of every issue has resulted in a never ending argument that has paralyzed all action. 

I have lost confidence in our American civilization’s ability to discern and respect honesty, and to rationally separate fact from fiction.  Lying and alternative facts have been normalized and monetized into lucrative vocations. Far too many of us are shopping for the information that we like to hear.  You may say that this blog is part of that.  At least it's free.

What will the next generation of children who look up to the president of the United States be like?  I have lost confidence in what we adults are teaching them by our complicity.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Trump "cleaned up" by the Media

Many people have been enabling Trump by editing his comments, withholding honest analyses of his words, and "euphemizing" his lies (using euphemisms for the word "lie").  It is a grave error to paraphrase Trump and by so doing, inaccurately make him sound like an intelligent adult.  The transcripts of Trump's interview with the New York Times and what they chose to publish in their paper are miles apart.  It's ironic that the main stream media would do this service for someone who excoriates them for being "fake news".  

The way that people speak is an indication of how they think.  The authors missed an opportunity to allow Trump to communicate honestly; they succumbed to writing “fake news” in Trump's favor.  They cleaned him up.

The fool's hope that Trump would "grow" into the presidency, that he was "only kidding" when he said all those outrageous things, that he would stop "exaggerating" once he stopped campaigning, that the office would tame his baser qualities, that his ignorance was an act that would be fixed by the good council of his advisors, has not been granted to us.  All that expectation of massive change and improvement was just what it was; hope, whistling past the graveyard, denial of reality, self delusion.  He really couldn't have been as bad as he looked during the campaign, could he?  What he was as a Ponzi businessman and divisive candidate, is what he is as President of the United States.  

More recently, a perfectly accurate quotation of Trump's comments concerning an issue about Tom Price would have made a Washington Post article on Sept. 28 more instructive; but they too, cleaned him up. 

Trump said:   “I was looking into it, and I will look into it and I will tell you personally I’m not happy about it.   I’m not happy about it.   I’m going to look at it.  I’m not happy about it and I let him know it.”  
Soaring oratory should never be abridged.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Paradigms and Eeyore: Why we can’t change; DARK is a privative

“It isn’t going to work,” Says Eeyore; the quintessential pessimist, implying that “we never did it that way before”.  

How about the things that we have always done this way that aren’t working, never will, and which imply, no ensure, that we will have to deal with the same old problems forever?  I guess that if we’re lucky, we’ll get new intractable problems compounded on the unresolved problems that we just ignored because “We’ve always done it this way.”  Ah!   New!  That’s progress!   

No, that’s an over filling “in box” of unaddressed issues.  Eventually, the problem with the buggy whip factory becomes mute…  But is that anyway to run a planet?

Nobody likes big surprises to what they expect to happen next.  Human nature (which I have so often said; ain’t all it’s cracked up to be) defines our comfort level with new things.   Young people are better at this (they have way less invested in the status quo) than older people.  I’ve come to the conclusion that corporate management, and designers who have taken a long route to positions where they get to make decisions, are mostly old people; in other words; cowards, afraid of change.  

Having said that; I've seen plenty of things designed by people (probably some young, some old) that obviously the designer has never gotten within ten feet or a half hour of actually using (that's a different problem).

120 years ago, some really clever people invented photography.  They captured images of the real world in a way that had never happened before they made their photos; a big change.  The apparatus that they used required the exclusion of any and all stray light from impinging on their light sensitive  “film”.  Therefore, black everything.  Black cameras, black clothes they wore and black tents they could duck under behind the lenses to see and capture the image.  Black everything (for good reason) was associated with photography.

 Later we put the film inside a light impervious camera…   But the cameras stayed black.  Later, we invented a movie camera and a VCR, something to show images (pictures/photos on a screen or your TV) all the equipment still stayed black. Then we got DVD players (guess what?) they are black.  Furthermore, the controls are black and they have dark gray letters and symbols on the keys.  The remote controls are black, even the letters on the keys are dark gray.  

Wow!  I guess we’re still terrified of stray light!  How often have you had to turn on a light to operate your DVD or the damn remote?    I’m sitting at a computer that shows images, pictures on it’s screen; the key board is black, the letters on the buttons are dark gray, requiring that I turn on a light to see them. 


Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Langton’s Ant

If you knew everything in the present, exactly, and you also knew the “laws of nature” could you predict the future?  We live in a dynamic system that we can measure, and we know all of the rules we can measure, so like predicting the eclipse of the sun, can’t we predict more complicated things as well?    
A conventional dynamic system (CDS) is defined as a system where all the parts (every part) are described precisely as to position, and motion, (and by implication; the rules that govern their interaction - what they can do).  The rules are that we don’t make up outside influences; they are all defined in our complete and precisely defined system.

The Rule takes the system one step from its current state to the next (possible, ergo defined state) step.  If we’ve done everything right, this will be predicable.
If we work with a planetary solar system, (this means all the planets, their sizes and densities, distances, velocities, moons, gravitational constant, etc), it’s pretty complicated.  But we can, and do, predict eclipses and the position of our planets and moons millions of years into the future with excellent accuracy.  Even the Mayans did this 1,400 years ago for eclipses, (hold that thought*).  So this means we can predict at least some parts of the future; we live among predetermined systems, right?
Consider a far simpler CDS, it has only four or five defined parts and only three rules.  The parts are a graph paper like grid (two parts?) and a locator of the  starting point, the initial state.  The rules are:

   Rule 1). Each step in this CDS takes the locator one square forward.
  Rule 2). At a white square, turn 90° right, flip the color of the square, move forward one unit
 Rule 3). At a black square, turn 90° left, flip the color of the square, move forward one unit

This called “Langton’s Ant*.  The ant is the locator that moves one step at a time, following the “rules”.  This can be run on a very simple computer program (OK, the computer is complicated but it is doing a very simple step by step process).
This is much simpler than planets, moons, velocities, orbits, distances and all their interactions as they whizz around our sun.
So when you run it, it should be very predictable, right?  Info in, info out; always the same result…  Nope.  Try, unpredictable for the first few hundred moves then a strange locked in pattern to infinity. 
This simple CDA leads to complex behavior. Three distinct modes of behavior are apparent.
Simplicity.  During the first few hundred moves it creates very simple patterns which are often symmetric.
Chaos.  After a few hundred moves, a big, irregular pattern of black and white squares appears. The ant traces a pseudo-random path until around 10,000 steps.
Emergent order.  Finally the ant starts building a recurrent "highway" pattern of 104 steps that repeats indefinitely.

All finite initial configurations tested eventually converge to the same repetitive pattern.  No one has been able to prove why this is true for all such initial configurations. It is only known that the ant's trajectory is always unbounded regardless of the initial configuration.
Here is a super simple CDS that results in a pattern that no one could predict, and even now that we know what happens, we can’t explain why, we had to run it to see it happen.
 So the debate about the future being determinable from the present is over.  Now do a CDS with 200,000 atoms in three dimensional space…. You know, like a virus.

          *The Mayans could predict the eclipses with great accuracy (at the same time that most Europeans believed the earth to be flat and the center of the Universe).  But before you get too laudatory of the Mayans’ scientific abilities, at the same time that they could do this, they still had religious mythology about jaguars eating the sun.  Their CDS still had outside influences, Gods.

If you’d like to see this in action, go to: