Thursday, July 13, 2017

DonDon Jr. "It wasn't his fault he's innocent"

Dear DonDon Jr.:

At 39, You are no kind of "kid". 

You are a billionaire son of the President of the United States; have I got your attention yet?  If not, maybe you should go to jail. 

Criminal stupidity/ignorance/privilege, (and ignorant of your privilege), unethical behavior (because that's what you learned at your Daddy's knee), are not defenses. 

So this is your definition of "INNOCENT"?   Gee, words are important.  I've talked about the definition of words; nobody's listening to me, they are listening to you.  

But, DonDon Trump, your dad, Sarah Huckabee-Sanders, Conway, Spicer, Tillerson, Sessions, and FOX are changing our dictionary to their liking every day.  They think that facts are malleable, alternative, fake, real, temporary, inoperative, made up, and made up by people THEY don't like... Words have to have an agreed upon definition or there is no communication.  You happen to be stuck between your dad's idea that reality follows from what his delusional mind concocts, and what he has the capacity to remember long enough to Tweet in the middle of the night (do you worry about his sleep habits?  When was the last time he saw a real doctor?).

But words are important;  their definitions after the fact, and in the moment of their utterance.  Your words like:

“If it’s what you say, I love it,”      are important.  

They signify your willingness to violate our laws about foreign influence in our electoral process.   You aren't a kid any more.  You are not innocent.  You are: ignorant, privileged, (and ignorant of your privilege), and unethical.  Now if your motives were pure, we would forgive you.  As it is, not so much.  You have admitted that you were attempting to encourage a foreign, hostile, enemy government of the United States to help you steal the election of the President of the United States. Am I right?   

Can you refute ANY of these statements?  What color orange jump suit do you prefer?

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Brand Destroyed

By attaining the public position of president of the United States, DonDon has for the first time in his life, subjected himself to the scrutiny of people who will not be bullied or bribed into changing an honest assessment of his character, methods, knowledge, and demeanor. 

Thus, for the first time, the truth about him is in the public domain where he can’t control it. 

Brand destroyed.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Trump’s Infectious Delusions

Trump said that Obama was born in Kenya; he wasn’t, and saying it didn’t make it true.  Trump said that his inauguration crowd was the largest in history; it wasn’t, and saying it didn’t make it true.  Trump said that climate change was a Chinese hoax; saying it doesn't make it true.


Trump now says that the USA has withdrawn from the Paris climate change accords; many American businesses and individual states have either complied with, or have invested time and resources into compliance.  These American entities are unlikely to trash those investments and immediately start pumping CO2 out as fast as they can.  Trump saying that we have pulled out of the agreement does not make it substantively true.  

Have we fallen into the Trumpian delusion that when he says something it has to be true? I think we have.  Is his disease communicable?  I hope not.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Vote with your wallet Number Two: Hannity Addition

Dear Sirs: (Add the company of your choice) May 28, 2017

It has often occurred to me that many people in the media have been given a platform. They abuse this honor in order to say outrageous things just to stir things up and get attention (and therefore exposure), even though many of these things are demonstrably false, or slanderous, or just plain mean and hurtful.  Sean Hannity does this, even repeating lies that he knows to be damaging to innocent people.  He even gets paid an obscene amount of money for doing it.  Money that ultimately comes from you.  Maybe this pleases you.

So, when I read about Hannity making another of his ridiculously inciteful (not to be confused with insightful) pronouncements; I thought that I'd make a list of his sponsors so that I wouldn't make the mistake of ever patronizing any of their products. 

    You Mr. Advertiser/Sponsor are on that list.

I am sharing these observations and the information I have recorded with as many people as I can; as often as I can.   I am encouraging others to follow my lead; in any case, you are not getting any of my money, ever. 

Sincerely, (Your name; feel free to copy any part, print and send to your favorite. A hand written name after "Sirs:" and a note added after "Sincerely," adds weight to any communication. P.S. Snail mail is probably the most effective, I signed my letters, you should too.) 

The following are the sponsors of the Hannity program:


Pharmaceutical,   Hulu ,  Hyundai,  Jenny Craig,   John Deere,
Liberty Mutual,   LoanDepot,   Mercedes-Benz,,   Mitsubishi,
Nutrisystem,  Optum,   PC Matic ,  ProFlowers,   Publishers Clearing House ,

Sandals,  Shari’s Berries ,  Terminix,   UNTUCKit,  Vanda Pharmaceuticals,   

Friday, May 26, 2017

Would you like our country save million$ of dollar$ ?

Would you like our country save million$ of dollar$ on wasted food?   It’s easy.  Get rid of (as in regulate them out of existence) those “easy, convenient”, pop top cans of soup, beans, vegetables, stews, meat products, and fish.  I used one today, a cream of mushroom soup.   I’m a little OCD and consider myself to be assiduous about frugally getting the most out of things that I buy, and not inclined to throw good stuff into the recycle stream, much less the landfill.  Still, I found it to be a challenge to remove the last 10%?, 5%? of the food in the damn can.  I spent at least 5 minutes trying…. you think I’m average? 

Good old, whack the top off of tin cans, worked for over a hundred years, but now; we’ve got progress.  I have to conclude that there are no hungry people in the world and that landfills are free.  That or perhaps, that Americans are stupid, lazy, greedy jerks. 

I won’t go into so called economic theory on this or the debate about capitalism and the stupid “floating ships” of the free market.   Waste is waste; it gets paid for one way or the other.  Convenience isn’t free, and it doesn’t come only out of your own pocket.  If the choice of avoiding this kind of wasteful packaging was really easy, then maybe this wouldn’t matter.  The point is you have to be a little bit crazy (like me) to even notice, much less make a serious effort to chose those “free market” options that are supposed to fix these problems.

Now, work three jobs and spend an extra 5 minutes getting that last 5% of food out of the can.  Or just throw it in the trash, it's only your money or your time.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

This is your chance to weigh in on history.

This is your chance to weigh in on history.  Feeling powerless?  Don’t!  Start sending your thoughts, questions, and opinions to DonDon every day.    
Address: The White House (property of the American people)  1600 Pennsylvania Ave., NW, Washington, DC   20500

Ralph, Ralph, Ralph!  I’ve heard you say recently that you are no longer are a rational being…  on what do you base this surprising statement?  

Ralph, I base it on a question that I ask myself:  “Why do you just talk to yourself?” 
Well, Ralph, everybody talks to themselves…

No! Ralph! I know that!  But now I have to yell at myself because I wasn’t listening before, and just speaking louder doesn’t make the English language clearer or more compelling (not to mention that the same is true in any language), but then again, in America no language has any currency any more with the present philosophy that is being YELLED at us by DonDon and his facilitators.  Say anything, say the opposite, but say it loudly.  Don’t bother to use accepted definitions of words, like “fact”.

Ralph, I get the feeling that you are … maybe frustrated, feeling a little powerless, inadequate, dare I say, hopeless, and knowing your penchant for at least trying to take responsibility for your condition in life, what’s next?  What are you going to do about it?

Yes, Ralph,  I was feeling pretty low there for a while, but, I’ve found hope!   I’ve come up with an idea for people to communicate to the future (if there is to be one), by making suggestions, questions,  comments, and quotations of what DonDon says when he off the rails again... all sent to the White House.  These things used to be logged in and recorded in some fashion, and in these digital days I’m pretty sure that anything you write will be around somewhere for somebody to archive, share, write about, or simply sit around the camp fire and tell their grandchildren about;  just in case that there isn’t going to be as much of a future as we were hoping for just a few months ago.  I’ve determined that this is our chance to weigh in on history.  Are you feeling powerless?  Don’t!  Start sending your thoughts, questions, and opinions to DonDon every day.

I want to start it all off with a few suggestions that I’ve thought of, just to get the ball rolling:

President Trump:
“I heard you say; ‘Grab them by the pussy.’  Should  I?”
“You said Mexico would pay, but in your budget, you asked the American tax payers to pay.  What changed?”

“You said that you’d be too busy to play golf, but you’ve played more than once a week, why is that?”

“You said that you’d look Syrian children in the face and tell them they could not come here, then when they were gassed, you bombed somebody, what’s with that?”

“You promised that you’d release your taxes, but you now say you won’t.  What does that mean?  What do you mean when you say Anything?”

You've given at least four different reasons for firing James Comey, are you planing to make up some more?

“I work with children (you know what they are, right?), so I trim my ear hair; I don’t want to frighten them.  Do you ever think about things like that?  Does the hair restorer drugs you take make you crazy?”

“I know that you believe that you are the very, very best at everything, but I have the most beautiful penis in the world, Ha Ha, want to trade pictures?  We can do it on SnapChat.”

HEY! These things need not all be negative, they can be life affirming and super positive, like; “If I die tomorrow, I hope that I will be brutally murdered by White Supremacists, or American Nazis, or a Ku Klux Klansman (those guys who love you), so as to make it clear that you and I live on different planets.

I have no doubt but that you, my readers will all have many, many better examples than these…

Let’s get those letters, emails, texts, Twitters and SnapChats moving!

Here's a White House Email link: 

Comments: 202-456-1111

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Shoot the Messenger? Wow, he said; look what I saw

Wow, I’ve got this new spy app. You guys know that I’m really really good at this stuff, right?  So I fire it up the other night, and you won’t believe the really preverted  pervert guy I’ve found.    Wait till you see how sick he is!  You won’t believe anybody could do this stuff.  I couldn’t believe it until I watched for hours.

So he’s home in front of his computer where he thinks nobody can see what he’s doing (Ha Ha me and my spy app!) and he does these things that NOBODY should ever see!   I mean nobody should ever see.

I watched him as he pulled his pubes…  I mean, he had these tweezers and he just went after them!  I had the sound up, and he was even counting!  So the first session, he only does two hundred; I’m not sure if he had a good count that time, but I paid attention the next time he did it.  That time I heard him say he did four hundred…. I can tell you, either this guy is a liar or he can’t count; I only counted 397.  He got up really close to the bright light and he carefully moved his dick out of the way so he could see the hairs all around it without any shadows.  How weird is that?  So next time I hear him say he pulled 500 (I’m pretty sure he got 502).  Then he got really deviant and without a break he pulls another 500 (I’m pretty sure he got that count right).   By now this guy is looking very clean and slick, if you get my meaning.  I mean, he’s starting to look prepubertal, (I admit, I had to look that word up).  I watched as he spent some time checking around for anything he’d missed in the area he was concentrating on.  I didn't see much...  He found five; I have to admit he did a good job of mopping them up.

I’m telling you, it took him hours to do this stuff.  I know, I watched him.  He counted each hair as he pulled it, and I’m telling you that he missed some; I was counting too.  Not only that!  I could see some really nice easy hair pulls that this guy missed too.  Man, if I’d been there, I would have gone after number 367 way before he got finally got around to it at count 372.  What a pervy doofus!  What a jerk!
So you want to watch with me?

Five years later there are televised competitive pubic hair plucking contests for fame and big money.  Style points are awarded for difficult pulls in tough areas, timed efficiency, and error free sprints.  Favorite champion contestants are followed by their techniques and resultant appearance of their pubic areas…. Breathless commentators gush over great fast runs, difficult pulls, and immaculate looking stretches of pubic skin.  Slow motion is employed in instant replays of success and failures.  Shame befalls the unlucky contestant that develops a rash or an ingrown hair.  Frequent champions and big stars sell name branded products like silver penis rings and special tweezers.  This all replaces the Super Bowl in the year 2026.

Back in 2015, some psychologists decide that doing this is a disease.