Friday, May 26, 2017

Would you like our country save million$ of dollar$ ?

Would you like our country save million$ of dollar$ on wasted food?   It’s easy.  Get rid of (as in regulate them out of existence) those “easy, convenient”, pop top cans of soup, beans, vegetables, stews, meat products, and fish.  I used one today, a cream of mushroom soup.   I’m a little OCD and consider myself to be assiduous about frugally getting the most out of things that I buy, and not inclined to throw good stuff into the recycle stream, much less the landfill.  Still, I found it to be a challenge to remove the last 10%?, 5%? of the food in the damn can.  I spent at least 5 minutes trying…. you think I’m average? 

Good old, whack the top off of tin cans, worked for over a hundred years, but now; we’ve got progress.  I have to conclude that there are no hungry people in the world and that landfills are free.  That or perhaps, that Americans are stupid, lazy, greedy jerks. 

I won’t go into so called economic theory on this or the debate about capitalism and the stupid “floating ships” of the free market.   Waste is waste; it gets paid for one way or the other.  Convenience isn’t free, and it doesn’t come only out of your own pocket.  If the choice of avoiding this kind of wasteful packaging was really easy, then maybe this wouldn’t matter.  The point is you have to be a little bit crazy (like me) to even notice, much less make a serious effort to chose those “free market” options that are supposed to fix these problems.

Now, work three jobs and spend an extra 5 minutes getting that last 5% of food out of the can.  Or just throw it in the trash, it's only your money.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

This is your chance to weigh in on history.

This is your chance to weigh in on history.  Feeling powerless?  Don’t!  Start sending your thoughts, questions, and opinions to DonDon every day.    
Address: President, Donald Trump  1600 Pennsylvania Ave., NW, Washington, DC   20500

Ralph, Ralph, Ralph!  I’ve heard you say recently that you are no longer are a rational being…  on what do you base this surprising statement?  

Ralph, I base it on a question that I ask myself:  “Why do you just talk to yourself?” 
Well, Ralph, everybody talks to themselves…

No! Ralph! I know that!  But now I have to yell at myself because I wasn’t listening before, and just speaking louder doesn’t make the English language clearer or more compelling (not to mention that the same is true in any language), but then again, in America no language has any currency any more with the present philosophy that is being YELLED at us by DonDon and his facilitators.  Say anything, say the opposite, but say it loudly.  Don’t bother to use accepted definitions of words, like “fact”.

Ralph, I get the feeling that you are … maybe frustrated, feeling a little powerless, inadequate, dare I say, hopeless, and knowing your penchant for at least trying to take responsibility for your condition in life, what’s next?  What are you going to do about it?

Yes, Ralph,  I was feeling pretty low there for a while, but, I’ve found hope!   I’ve come up with an idea for people to communicate to the future (if there will be one), by making suggestions and questions and comments all sent to the White House.  These things used to be logged in and recorded in some fashion, and in these digital days I’m pretty sure that anything you write will be around somewhere for somebody to archive, share, write about, or simply sit around the camp fire and tell their grandchildren about;  just in case that there isn’t going to be as much of a future as we were thinking about just a few months ago.  I’ve determined that this is your chance to weigh in on history.  Are you feeling powerless?  Don’t!  Start sending your thoughts, questions, and opinions to DonDon every day.

I want to start it all off with a few suggestions that I’ve thought of, just to get the ball rolling:

President Trump:
“I heard you say; ‘Grab them by the pussy.’  Should  I?”
“You said Mexico would pay, but in your budget, you asked the American tax payers to pay.  What changed?”

“You said that you’d be too busy to play golf, but you’ve played more than once a week, why is that?”

“You said that you’d look Syrian children in the face and tell them they could not come here, then when they were gassed, you bombed somebody, what’s with that?”

“You promised that you’d release your taxes, but you now say you won’t.  What does that mean?  What do you mean when you say Anything?”

“I work with children (you know what they are, right?), so I trim my ear hair; I don’t want to frighten them.  Do you ever think about things like that?  Does the hair restorer drugs you take make you crazy?”

“I know that you believe that you are the very, very best at everything, but I have the most beautiful penis in the world, Ha Ha, want to trade pictures?  We can do it on SnapChat.”

HEY! These things need not all be negative, they can be life affirming and super positive, like; “If I die tomorrow, I hope that I will be brutally murdered by White Suprematists, or American Nazis, or a Ku Klux Klansman (those guys who love you), so as to make it clear that you and I live on different planets.

I have no doubt but that you my readers will all have many, many better examples than these…

Let’s get those letters, emails, texts, Twitters and SnapChats moving!

Here's an Email link: 

Comments: 202-456-1111

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Shoot the Messenger? Wow, he said; look what I saw

Wow, I’ve got this new spy app. You guys know that I’m really really good at this stuff, right?  So I fire it up the other night, and you won’t believe the really preverted  pervert guy I’ve found.    Wait till you see how sick he is!  You won’t believe anybody could do this stuff.  I couldn’t believe it until I watched for hours.

So he’s home in front of his computer where he thinks nobody can see what he’s doing (Ha Ha me and my spy app!) and he does these things that NOBODY should ever see!   I mean nobody should ever see.

I watched him as he pulled his pubes…  I mean, he had these tweezers and he just went after them!  I had the sound up, and he was even counting!  So the first session, he only does two hundred; I’m not sure if he had a good count that time, but I paid attention the next time he did it.  That time I heard him say he did four hundred…. I can tell you, either this guy is a liar or he can’t count; I only counted 397.  He got up really close to the bright light and he carefully moved his dick out of the way so he could see the hairs all around it without any shadows.  How weird is that?  So next time I hear him say he pulled 500 (I’m pretty sure he got 502).  Then he got really deviant and without a break he pulls another 500 (I’m pretty sure he got that count right).   By now this guy is looking very clean and slick, if you get my meaning.  I mean, he’s starting to look prepubertal, (I admit, I had to look that word up).  I watched as he spent some time checking around for anything he’d missed in the area he was concentrating on.  I didn't see much...  He found five; I have to admit he did a good job of mopping them up.

I’m telling you, it took him hours to do this stuff.  I know, I watched him.  He counted each hair as he pulled it, and I’m telling you that he missed some; I was counting too.  Not only that!  I could see some really nice easy hair pulls that this guy missed too.  Man, if I’d been there, I would have gone after number 367 way before he got finally got around to it at count 372.  What a pervy doofus!  What a jerk!
So you want to watch with me?

Five years later there are televised competitive pubic hair plucking contests for fame and big money.  Style points are awarded for difficult pulls in tough areas, timed efficiency, and error free sprints.  Favorite champion contestants are followed by their techniques and resultant appearance of their pubic areas…. Breathless commentators gush over great fast runs, difficult pulls, and immaculate looking stretches of pubic skin.  Slow motion is employed in instant replays of success and failures.  Shame befalls the unlucky contestant that develops a rash or an ingrown hair.  Frequent champions and big stars sell name branded products like silver penis rings and special tweezers.  This all replaces the Super Bowl in the year 2026.

Back in 2015, some psychologists decide that doing this is a disease.  

Friday, March 24, 2017

Questions for Representative Goodlatte A guest post by Chris Bolgiano

An Open Letter to Republican Congressman Bob Goodlatte, VA 6th District
Dear Mr. Goodlatte: Thank you for your letter responding to my concern at seeing avowed white supremacist and anarchist Steve Bannon appointed as President Trump’s chief advisor. Bannon has said he will “deconstruct” the government as we know it. As you pointed out, Congress is not empowered to confirm or deny Bannon’s appointment, or the appointment of Sebastian Gorka as chief counter-terrorism advisor.
Numerous credible reports have connected Gorka with the Hungarian group Vit├ęzi Rend, listed by the State Department as a Nazi-linked group whose members are inadmissible to the U.S. Indeed, Gorka wore the medal of that group to President Trump’s inauguration, and often signs his name with the v. used by members.
One entire side of my extended family was murdered by Nazis in areas not far from Hungary. Thousands of African-Americans were lynched in America by the Ku Klux Klan, whose endorsement President Trump accepted.
Mr. Goodlatte, you may not have legal authority to question these appointments, but that does not relieve you of moral responsibility to speak out against the appointment of self-declared racists and known anti-Semites that are shaping this president’s policies. I implore you to vocally state that you, as a representative of the GOP, have enough moral backbone to oppose the takeover of our government by persons with beliefs antithetical to every tenet of our democracy. I entreat you: Do Not Let It Happen Here -- because as a historian I know that it can, if you and the GOP do not speak out.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Courageous Battles

Wow!   The act of dying, that moment; it’s got to be intense; it’s got to be a shocker.   But, you’re probably going to dead for awhile, and maybe that can be a little calming, maybe even boring.   Now, according to most evidence*, it looks like you might be dead for a long time, maybe millions of years…. maybe longer, maybe forever.  So in a way, being dead for millions of years, or even forever, begins to sound like a pretty OK deal.  It looks like being dead is identical to what it was like before you were born.  Remember that?
 I’ve got a 34 year old dislocated toe, a right pinky finger that was bent twice 90% the wrong way, a missing joint in my middle finger of my left hand where I gave body parts to a table saw, and a left sacroiliac joint that goes “twingey” every now and again.  I wear hearing aids when I remember to, and I’m near sighted (so if I put my glasses down I can’t find them), and even though my prescription hasn’t changed in five years, the opticians of the world refuse to replace my scratched up and broken glasses.  I’ve got a tick bite that still itches eight months after I got it. That’s the easy stuff. 
Arthritis in my left thumb, carpal tunnel (after repair) in my right wrist that now has my hand swollen twice the size of the left one (did I mention that I used to like playing the guitar?) I am finding it difficult to pick up a full coffee cup with it.  Both hands are weak, sore, and inflexible; they hurt when they aren’t numb, often they awaken me from a sound sleep at night.  Both shoulders have had surgery and neither of them are above 60% of normal strength (much less pain free), I’ve got ED, and I have to get up to pee two to three times a night.  Right now I have had six weeks of bloody buggers.  I’ve still got a baby tooth, but the space between it and one of the eight molars I have left (most people have twelve) gets wedged with food debris at every bite.  I’ve aged at least ten years in the last six months.
I would never denigrate the “courageous, brave, and inspiring battles” that so many other people have waged; people who have far more daunting physical challenges than I have.  But, they are going to die, and I am going to die; so at what point is it wise to just recognize that simple fact and make a rational decision as to what it is all worth?   I’ve already suggested that being dead can’t possibly be bad.  Are those “courageous battles” really against death, or are they simply denials of reality?  Especially for those who believe in an afterlife!

*All evidence, really.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

You Country Boys have been so had

“A Country boy will Survive”…   Think Hank Williams Jr.  Yup, all those virtues of  rural life with the realities of what’s really important…  Yup!  DonDon Trump whose concept of the outdoors is that space between his doorman’s umbrella and a waiting limo at street level below his 40th floor apartment in New York City...  or maybe it’s the space between his limo and his private jet or when he gets to Florida, his cart on the golf course…   That's the out doors.  Yes!  He’s got your back! He’s a country boy!

You people have been soooooooo had.  How in Hell did you ever think that this spoiled billionaire city brat was your champion?  Is Fox News propaganda that convincing?  And now, will you be able to deny reality as you die from DonDon's and the big business, big city guys' plans to make himself and all his billionaire buddies even richer?  As all your services are cut to nothing.  Health care?  Rural development funds? Subsidies to farmers, medical research, clinics, heat for homes, food for shut-ins… ?  Why would a poor woman in Detroit pay for National Public Radio... when she can pay for poisoned water in her tap and watch her tax money pay her Republican Mayor and Governor's salaries?  And DonDon's children's travel expenses.

DonDon has spent more on golf in his first nine weeks, than Obama spent in his first year in office.  

Ah but then; those are alternative facts. 

Oh, it must be Obama/Hillary's fault.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Unintended consequences in the USA

Simplistic answers to complex questions are being proffered by ignorant amateurs with zero experience and knowledge of government.  A few Iowans are beginning to wonder about Don Don’s impulsive and erratic style.  Just wait until Mexico (formerly the purchaser of 25% of America’s corn crop) decides it would rather do business with Argentina and Brazil.

Are automobile tariffs on someone’s agenda?  Forget that, what happens when even 1% of ‘illegal” aliens buy a $45 thousand SUV and drive it to Mexico and blow off the payments?  What happens to all those bankers?  Slap a tariff on China and the price of everything at Wal-Mart just doubled.  That airplane has parts from 25 different countries, so do those SUVs.

What happens when the Mexicans decide that they will no longer feel like blocking the Guatemalans, Nicaraguans, and other “illegals” that they have been keeping from reaching our southern border (is the wall done yet)?  Does Don Don know that the Mexican government has been cooperating in keeping about 100,000 a year from making the trip?

How’s the American tourist industry doing with European travelers this winter?  How about the Silicon Valley companies who are afraid of losing their brainiacs from foreign countries?  You think our guys wearing their ball caps backwards watching football will take up the slack?

See how you like it when Don Don gets to chose all the news that’s fit to print.

There are thousands of issues like these and Don Don is ignorant of all of them.  If you think that Don Don, Bannon, Miller, and Conway can run our economy like Don Don’s been faking his business, then you are in for some unpleasant surprises.