Friday, March 9, 2018

But we don’t believe

We don’t believe:

Republicans stand for balanced budgets and equitable taxes, the tax bill of 2018.

Republicans stand for free trade, Trump’s tariffs and “…trade wars are good…”

Republicans stand for “family values”, Trump’s three wives and adultery with all of them.

Republicans stand for personal responsibility for one’s words and deeds, Stormy Daniels.

Republicans stand for patriotism, allowing Russia to continue to mess with our elections.

Republicans respect democracy.  Republicans respect planet Earth.

Republicans support “all the best people”.  Examples: Flynn, Scaramucci, Pruitt, DeVos, etc.

Nazis are very fine people.

Anyone can stand in the same room with Donald Trump without getting shit on them.

America is being made great again.

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  1. Sorry, I forgot all veterans' support bills that Republicans have blocked... What 8? 9? of them? Too expensive, as they vote to give the military tanks they don't want. Oh, and the parade!