Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Have You Been Scammed Lately?

I recently received a "SECOND NOTICE!"  About immediately important sensitive material that I NEED to address.  Apparently, I , and only I can save myself.  This is serious!  The form letter informs (don't you love the irony?) me,  that the warranty on my Honda will expire THIS MONTH!  Again, that sounds serious!  BUT, it offers me a helpful 1-800 phone number that I can call to save me from this terrible harm.  But I have to call soon, because this offer (to save me) will expire in less than TWO WEEKS!  I can tell that they are serious business people because their fine print protects them from having to deal with people that might not have the ability to pay (dead beats) or that might not meet their eligibility requirements.  Serious business!

The letter came with an ominous warning; "A $2000 fine and 5 years of imprisonment, OR BOTH! is applicable to any person that interferes with or obstructs the delivery of the letter to me... (U. S. Mail TTT.18 CODE)"  Boy that sounds serious too!

Except that these people have nothing to do with Honda, and it's a scam.

I've never understood why Mr. Honda (who certainly has the money and resources to do so) doesn't just hire some goons to go find these guys and break their fingers.  Sure, the scammers would sue, probably successfully, then Mr. Honda could pay the goons to go do it again.... And Mr. Honda would probably lose less money in the courts than he is losing to people that don't buy Hondas anymore because they think that the warranties are rip-offs.

As a proactive person, alternatively, I suggest that each of us who owns a Honda could call this Scammer's  posted number (1-800-785-3128)  and pretend to want to pay these fine people bunches of money for their valuable service.  I would talk to them for 5 minutes, and then say: "OH, OH! I can't find my checkbook or credit card." then I'd hang up.  Or perhaps say:  "Oh, Oh! your call is breaking up!", then hang up.  Or maybe: "Can you hold?  I'll look for my credit card; I really want to pay you...."  Then leave the phone off the hook and wait for THEM to hang up.  (I don't really hate telemarketers, I just want them to find real productive jobs).

A while ago, I heard about a service that was called something like: "Get even"; a company that you employ after you've given up being nice, reasonable, legal, and rational, but when you are just ready to extract revenge.  I like that concept; let's see if we can get someone to write an app for that.

Mr. Honda?  I'm waiting for you to act.

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