Monday, January 28, 2013

Donald where are you in our hour of need?

I am relying on people everywhere to use all possible means to contact Donald on this vital mission: 

The only rational explanation of how crazy the things that Wayne La Pierre is saying is that he is a "mole". That as the central part of a vast conspiracy, he was planted by foreign interests, likely African or East Asian, about 50 years ago so that he could be raised American and someday be elected to the Presidency of one of the most powerful institutions in America: The National Rifle Association. From this position, he could then impose his and his masters' mission which is the utter destruction of the very institution that he heads. 

In so doing, he will then destroy the essence of America, freedom, and everything that we hold dear. We can only hope that Donald Trump will help us in our hour of need by exposing these facts to the nation.  Maybe a reward for a birth certificate?

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