Sunday, May 17, 2020

Are all the wrong people being humble?

If you’re not allowed to point out Irony, is that a paradox?  Does not admitting something make it go away?  Are all the wrong people being humble?  

Of course, which questions are being asked, which are being answered; and which answers (right or wrong) are more important than those other answers… Well, might the answer to that be accumulative?  Maybe, only if one pays attention.

So, my concept of humility was abundantly multiplied when I hired a man, his son and his crew to build a fence around my garden (I couldn't use my right hand at the time - and that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it).  I did do 90% of the preparatory work myself, sometimes while they were working. 

Once we are past the adolescent false confidence of: “I know it all.” it is so easy for us to fall into that adult mindset where one thinks that one has most (if not all) the important answers.  

My concept of the value of humility was changed by understanding that one's own humility is powerless in the face of people who have none.  "Joey", with his crew, had said they could build a fence; unfortunately, none of them had ever heard of a fencing tool.  Worse, nobody had absorbed high school geometry, much less vectors.  After Joey had screamed at his teen age son a few times, I told the son he'd be better off with a different father (so much for MY humility).  Joey's single competent worker; I told: “Get a new boss.”

I guess, paradoxically, I'm saying that some people are humbler than others, and maybe, they shouldn't be.  It just doesn't work. 
I’m not saying that it’s me, but just maybe, some of the time, the wrong people are choosing to be humble; at the worst possible time. 

At the so-called Covid19 press briefing in April, Dr. Brix allowed the idiot, Donald Trump, to look her in the eye and suggest that people should inject disinfecting products into their bodies, and subject themselves to ultraviolet light irradiation in order to save themselves from dying from the virus.  THIS was a violation of her Hippocratic Oath.   She chose to “humble herself” before the ignorance, stupidity, hubris (the opposite of humility), and the misinformation from Donald Trump that killed people.  

She should have stood, taken the mic from him and said: "Don't do this; this man is an idiot."  No one could have substantively argued with her assessment.  She was way way too humble.

If humility is strength, then it has to be exercised.

The wrong people are being humble.  The right people are acting humble at exactly the wrong time.  

Is that “IRONIC”?

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