Monday, September 2, 2019

And is a better word

 I keep hearing people pose the following kinds of questions:

Is Trump stupid or ignorant?

Is he just irrational or in the throes of dementia?

Does he say stupid things on purpose, or does he just not know the difference?

Is he racist, or calculating?

Is he gas-lighting, or serious until he gets caught?  Does he make jokes or can’t he tell the difference?

Is he cruel, or does he mistakenly think cruelty serves his purposes?

My question is:

Why do we think we have to use

“OR” rather than “AND”?

Insert “and” into these questions; it is always the better word.

You can spend your time trying to determine a rational reason why Jeffery Dahmer ate people; I’ll not try to apply rational logic to Donald Trump.

There is no there, there.

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