Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Chef Tell, tell me how

Chef Tell, a Swiss chef on TV years ago taught Chris and I some wonderful recipes.  He used to say: "Very zimple, very eazy.".  I've come up with number of recipes myself that are very simple and very easy, 

right up to a point.  

Our favorite Tell was his quick potato pancake recipe:

one pound raw potato
one egg
some onion, oil, salt, pepper, 
baking power and 1 oz. flour.
Grind in the food processor and fry.

Now, I'll give you one:

One and half pound chicken breast stips
pounded with tenderizer.  Black pepper.
one oz. vinegar, butter, soy sauce, and honey
Steam till white; flip and fry open
till the rue is caramelized.

Super eazy!  But if you purchase American chicken, it 
comes in a styrofoam tray, covered with a plastic sheet
and nestled on top of a Tampax like pad of acetate fiber on 
another sheet of plastic.  China no longer takes anything
but the purest of plastic waste for recycling.  We are all
now throwing millions of tons of stuff into the landfills
that we used to (at least think) were be reused.

I have no idea of what to do with this packaging!
All the plastic is non-recyclable, and the acetate fiber
becomes infused with chicken blood and body fluids.

There is no good way to dispose of this poultry packaging.
Leave it out in the sun and it nevers dries.  Raccoons will
find it and spread it all over the place.  It stinks with that 
disgusting cadaverine death smell.  I can't compost it; I don't 
have garbage pick up so I'm supposed to keep it somewhere
for a month between trips to the dump (and who thinks that the
landfill is a good place for something like this)?

I mentioned this problem in the past: 

 Our American demand for convenience is a huge part of the problem of sustainability for planet Earth.  We all have to take responsibility, and we have to vote with our wallets in order to force sustainable practices from our suppliers.  Waste is huge.

I can't imagine why I can't buy chicken in a better package.  Not 
visually attractive enough?  OH! God! I saw some blood!?

Next time I'll give you the "Mother Bolgiano's Beans" recipe.

I had a couple of guys propose marriage to me based on it, 
and that was way back before acceptance of LGBT as an OK thing.

Very zimple very eazy.  Just Tell me what to do with the"waste".

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