Thursday, October 5, 2017

I have lost confidence.

I have lost confidence in people who have stopped listening to Trump, both for him and against him.  They are abrogating responsibility for the maintenance of our democracy.

I have lost confidence in those who are listening to Trump, who just believe what he says.  I have no words for willful self delusion.  I recognize Trump’s self delusion; I don’t understand its appeal to others.

I have lost confidence in those who are listening to Trump and are still trying to fit his statements and actions into a rational narrative (willful self delusion, again).  I have said that it is a waste of time to try and understand why a mad man might kill and eat his victims; Trump’s mental state is on this level.

I have lost confidence in those who are listening to Trump who are still pretending that he will change into something acceptable as a president of the USA.  This is hopelessly optimistic and also willfully self delusional.

I have lost confidence in my fellow Americans, even though millions of them did not vote for this mad man… too many did.  Unfortunately, many of them will be the ones paying the price of  “getting what they asked for.”

I have lost confidence in the legislative branch of our government that is supposed to check the excesses of the executive branch.  Too many have also succumbed to willful self delusion, or in some cases, greedy lust for the power that might come to them by their sycophancy.

I have lost confidence in rational discussion of issues.  The false equivalency of “two sides” of every issue has resulted in a never ending argument that has paralyzed all action. 

I have lost confidence in our American civilization’s ability to discern and respect honesty, and to rationally separate fact from fiction.  Lying and alternative facts have been normalized and monetized into lucrative vocations. Far too many of us are shopping for the information that we like to hear.  You may say that this blog is part of that.  At least it's free.

What will the next generation of children who look up to the president of the United States be like?  I have lost confidence in what we adults are teaching them by our complicity.

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