Thursday, July 10, 2014

I Assume

The important stuff is being taken care of, right?

Just maybe, we all take too much for granted.  We assume that the important things are being taken care of, or maybe even the things that might someday be important are as well.  In 1572, with his naked eye, Tycho Brahe noticed a super nova (a tiny star that suddenly wasn’t so tiny any more) in the constellation Cassiopeia. This observation more or less proved that the heavens were not unchanging original works of God.  In 2014, this information has informed our astronomers where to aim their very high tech instruments and we are still learning a great deal from this one small point in the sky.  As the kings pondered the deployment of their armies and the farmer milked his cow, do you think that they too, assumed that the important things in our universe were being observed and recorded?
We take advantage of discoveries made by people who are trying to understand our world, but for every researcher there are a thousand soldiers and the American government alone spends as much money on armaments as the rest of the planet combined.  Are you sure that there are enough people paying attention to what is really important?  We just might miss something if too many of us attend to the wrong things most of the time.  I wonder if Tycho was hungry back then.  What if he had been very very hungry?  

What if he had been drafted to fight in a stupid war?  Now, that Louis Pasteur guy and Jonas Salk...

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